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  • Electronic PocketBook 626 Touch Lux2 Grey
Electronic PocketBook 626 Touch Lux2 Grey
  • Electronic PocketBook 626 Touch Lux2 Grey

Electronic PocketBook 626 Touch Lux2 Grey

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Electronic PocketBook 626 Touch Lux2 Grey

Color: Gray
Producer: PocketBook
Size: 174,4 x 114,6 x 8,3 mm


The texts traced on new E Ink Pearl HD the display with the resolution of 1024 x 758 pixels and 212 dpi look even better, more contrastly and more brightly now! E Ink still does not glare the screen in the sun, and the innovation in the form of diode illumination allows to read with comfort even in the conditions of low illumination. Thanks to the increased speed of updating of the screen time of browsing of pages significantly was reduced by PocketBook Touch Lux.

Perfection of a form

Elegant smooth lines of the case, high quality of materials of assembly - all this is perfectly combined in new PocketBook Touch Lux. The forward panel is manufactured of qualitative opaque plastic, back - is covered with soft-touch dusting for comfortable hold of the device in one hand.
The model is available in three color schemes: white, silvery and black.

Touch and read

Thanks to the multitouch display and unique intuitively clear interface it is incredibly simple to operate PocketBook Touch Lux! In new model the user menu is worked carefully out, work with audiofiles is improved (the option of drawing up playlists is added).
The main menu is organized in the form of a tape of the latest events, including activities on the search and rating ReadRate service and history of the checked and read books.
The reader is allocated with the advanced application for search and downloading content, integration with social networks, the browser (with support of flash and cookies, a skrolling and a zoom). Yes, the built-in Wi-fi module opens boundless opportunities not only for reading!


Maximum of opportunities. Use them all!

PocketBook Touch Lux without converting reads 16 book formats (EPUB DRM, EPUB, PDF DRM, PDF, FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, DJVU, HTM, HTML, DOC, DOCX, RTF, CHM, TCR), 4 graphic formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF), and also supports a MP3. For the maximum convenience the device supports 5 modes of reading the PDF files:

  • On page width
  • Page entirely
  • Viewing in the form of columns (2-3-4 columns)
  • Configuration
  • Cutting of fields (current page, all document, even/odd pages and so forth)


The whole library in one device

One charge of the PocketBook Touch Lux battery is enough for browsing to 8000 * browsings – and it is nearly a month of active reading!
4 GB of the built-in memory with a possibility of expansion to 32 GB - the whole library, which always near at hand!
On the device 9 dictionaries, 30 interface languages, 18 fonts are preset (with a possibility of a doustanovka), the Text-To-Speech function is realized.
All PocketBook devices are provided with guarantee and post-guarantee support in wide network of the service centers, and also in contact center.

In more detail:

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 18.12.2017

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